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Torre Lesna

2019 - in progress



Grugliasco (TO)




Commissioned by

Torre Lesna S.r.l.



10.000 sqm



Torre Lesna S.r.l.


The recovery and conversion of the Pininfarina industrial area in Torre Lesna in Grugliasco, after the successful implementation of the first and second phases, continues with the construction of three new buildings. The intervention, once completed, will extend on a complex of 24.000 sqm for residential use, surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Monviso Mountain, not so far from the commercial center Le Gru Village, inserted in the local urban requalification.
The building called “Sky Building” (Edificio Cielo in Italian) is made by 7 floors, with different size units, from studios apartments to four-room apartments. In relation to the architectural distribution, you can see continuity from first to fifth floors, while the ground floor has several green areas and higher floors have big terraces.

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