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Alba (CN)



Offices restructuring





Ferrero S.p.a.



2.200 mq








Technical Area Ferrero

Within the Ferrero industrial complex in Alba, this intervention of restructure and requalification of the offices concerns an entire floor of a building with a square plant - already used as office space before. The challenge was to distribute the space in a good way, creating an open space with very little light coming only from the perimeter openings.

The solution was found in creating an internal courtyard, which allowed to have a double opening for the open-space, augmenting the light and therefore also the quality of life in the workplace. On the outside, roller curtains have been put up to filter the sun beams, so that comfort is assured during any time of the day. A coffee break area was arranged facing the garden. Inside, the sound comfort was optimized by sound-proofing suspended strip ceilings and laying a vinyl resin material layer on the suspended floor.

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