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Collegno (Torino)




Industrial development and offices





Prima Industrie S.p.a.


22.380 mq








Prima Industrie S.p.a.

In the most suitable area, chosen after appropriate researches, a new complex was integrated. It is divided into separate areas that are connected one another: the productive building of around 10 000 mq, with a structural grid of 20 x 10 m, has an overhead crane and is filled with natural light, the large external shed was made for the load in and load out, along with the spaces for the manoeuvres of heavy good vehicles and merchandises; the office space building of around 7 000 mq is directly connected to the productive area, with large open spaces, and administrative and management offices, the lobby and a conference or meeting hall. In the basement floor, there is a wide space for the archives. Furthermore there is also an area for changing rooms and a canteen with a kitchen, a building for welcoming clients and training, and the technical compartments.

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