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Hish State School
Guglielmo Marconi

2021 - 2022






Seismic retrofitting, plant engineering, fire fighting and architectural extention

Project Group

Sintecna s.r.l.
Studio AS

Ing. Converso
Ing. Laonigro



Building Firm

B&B Costruzioni



Provincia di Pescara


The project is composed by three building blocks with a gymnasium for the State High School Guglielmo Marconi in Pescara, designed with hi-tech criteria, in compliance with seismic retrofitting, plant engineering and fire-fighting. The design has maximised energy efficiency, with external coat, high thermal standards, solar shading structure as a skin facade, underfloor heating system in order to avoid the flooding. The educational center consists of 42 classrooms with a 4.500 sqm of total surface, 1.500 sqm for each floor, for threee floors and a multi-purpose laboratory.

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