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Trofarello (TO)


Industrial area





MONTEPO Moncalieri Tecnopolo S.p.a. 



10.280 mq










Stamperia Artistica Nazionale

MONTEPO Tecnopolo

The project a continuation of the intervention in the nearby city of Moncalieri from 1998 to 2005, to realize an excellence pole fort production and facilities able to offer a complete logistic service, connected to the complete urbanization of the area following an overall homogeneity plan. This new area was specifically dedicated to ten excellence artisan factories, among others the Stamperia Artistica Nazionale.

The project of the buildings, realized in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, was based on the criteria of modularity and flexibility. Thanks to the integrated system for the insulation panels, for the load-bearing structure, doors and windows, it was possible to optimize and personalize the spaces inside and leaving room for further changes or adjustments according to their development needs.

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