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Alba (CN)



Conservative restoration and functional conversion of ex Pellisseri textil factory 




Ferrero S.p.a.



9.800 mq





Arketipo Magazine


Premio PAI 2012



New Ferrero Research Centre

The area where the new Ferrero research center was built, is an industrial zone since XVIII century. In origin it hosted a silk production firm, one of the principal activities in Alba. The building suffered many developments and restructurings, and after 1930 – when the silk industry failed it was transformed into the Provincial Farmers’ Cooperative. Between 1967 and 1990 the building was bought by Ferrero S.p.A, and used as a storage house. After a major restructuring intervention which developed the degraded urban zone and upgraded the city of Alba, the building still maintained its original horseshoe shape on three floors. Every part is independent from the others and has different architectonic features. The restructuring work started on January 2004 and all the non-original parts and incongruous works were demolished, while all the original parts were maintained and restored, like the vaults and the attics. The façade was brought back to its original beauty. 

Inside the building, the original spaces were maintained more or less the same by creating a working open space. Over the 160 offices, distributed on 4000mq – a multi-functional room was built (590mq) in the basement, equipped to host conventions and exhibitions opened to public. The exterior of the entire building was brought back to historical and original beauty. 

A parking lot, with 142 parking spaces was built conforming to security norms and accessible by a ramp in via Pietro Ferrero. Other car spots were obtained in the upper foreground. The entire restructuring was made to conform the building to every norm for what architectonical barriers are concerned, and with all the most cutting edge technologies.

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