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Pino Torinese (TO)


Restructuring of the Conference Room





Ferrero S.p.a.


200 mq








Ferrero Conference Room

In the area of the Ferrero management headquarters in Pino torinese, on one of the buildings’ highest floor, the area of conference halls, used by the management group for meetings, conferences, conventions and congresses, was completely restructured. The structure was rigid and not flexible enough to host different activities or functions. The restructuring of the entire floor allowed the creation of more rooms, which can be enlarged or divided into smaller ones thanks to a system of sliding soundproof walls, thus allowing three medium rooms to be occupied at the same time, or two rooms with the capacity of 50 people each, seated for a conference or around a large central table, the latter too obtained by a system of modular tables.

The whole space is wired and has monitors in every room, supporting videoconferences both within the company and on an international scale. In the hall, a small area became the reception, and also supports caterings during occasional and special events.

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