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Corso Svizzera

2016 - 2017



Residential and Office building



Tertiary area 165 sqm

Residential area 900 sqm

The conservative intervention consists in the restoration and consolidation of a pre-existing building, along with a change of use of the building from office space to residential use. The old building, facing the street, three floors above ground, all office space, with a basement for laboratories and cellars, will be converted according to construction procedures. Here 12 flats will be created and only two spaces will be kept as office space on the first floor facing the street, directly connected to the basement. The two largest flats will be in the attic. The axles of the openings facing the road will be maintained but one of the entrances will be transformed into a window, alike the pre-existing others. The covering of the metal polychrome panels characterizing the façade will be replaced with external thermal insulation.

The central part will be coated with horizontal wood-like slats. The original stone wainscot will be maintained.

On the third floor, i.e. the attic, the openings will be regulated on the wide terrace and a roof will be built as covering for the area where the new elevator will be. The project of the courtyard and the façade consists in reorganizing the design of the existing openings in order to improve the window/floor surface ratio of the houses. The pre-existing baIconies, in a very bad state, will be replaced with zinc-coated and painted metal balconies recalling the design of the main facade.

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