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Media Village 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and post-Olympics reconversion to residential units





Immobiliare Europea S.p.a.



6.400 mq








Spina 3 - Area Vitali Torre

The tower situated in the Area Vitali faces directly the post-industrial park designed in 2004 by the group coordinated by the Engineering Society STS S.p.a. and with the contribution of the landscaper Peter Latz. The building presents a rectangular plant with the first four floors for commercial use and the other 14 floors above are residential. It’s 57,70 mt high.

Under the architect Jean Pierre Buffi’s supervision, Studio AS designed the intervention in order that during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, the building could host the Media Village, thanks to the creation of 130 rooms later reconverted in 51 housing units of different dimensions to put on the market.

While the base is in stone and has great windows in a row creating a thick basement, the higher floors have been treated with different colours and materials in order to make perspectives lighter.

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