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2019 - 2021






Conversion of some spaces of the

University of Turin:

Psychology Faculty Library

Department of Languages

Administrative Offices

Commissioned by

University of Turin



Palazzo Badini Confalonieri

Palazzo Badini Confalonieri was already documented as an "Extra Moenia" hotel in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, then it was transformed into a private residence during the seventeenth century and later enlarged and remodeled in the following century. The building is bound pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004 (pursuant to Law 1089/39). With the purchase by the University of Turin, a project was drafted that destined the building to host the Faculties of Psychology and Languages, the "Federico Kiesow" psychology library, as well as some administrative offices. An underground parking garage was built under the courtyard. The restoration was aimed at the complete recovery of all existing spaces. In a second phase the underground rooms that had infiltration problems were restored, while on the upper floors other rooms were converted into offices for use by the University.

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