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Refurbishment and conservative restoration, reconversion to libraries and university classrooms




De-ga S.p.a.



4.000 mq








Ex Berruto Glasshouse

Ex Cairoli Institute

The restoration of Berruto ex-Glasshouse and ex-Cairoli Institute was part of a major project for the restoration of the area between Palazzo Nuovo and the University Rectorate in via Verdi n.8. In 1997 the University published a notice for the acquisition and the location of spaces which could be transformed into classes and libraries, near Palazzo Nuovo. The Berruto ex-Glasshouse is characterized by great vaults and an exposition area with original frescos and wooden shelves. In the ex Cairoli Institute, where the offices of the glasshouse were once located, the noble spaces have been restored in their original aspect.

The project of restoration included the displacement of university classrooms to the ex Cairoli Institue and the libraries to the Berruto ex Glasshouse

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