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Central Cinema


Functional recovery 

of the cinema

In collaboration with

Arch. Daniela Casalino

Commissioned by

Casa Cinema Torino







The Central Cinema is a single-screen cinema of the Slow Cinema circuit (which also includes the Marx Brothers and Two Gardens of Turin, I Portici di Fossano, the Mill of Piossasco and Politeama di Ivrea). The Cinema, in via Carlo Alberto 27, will be presented to the public with a new look. Its necessary restyling will provide users with new systems, new services, more efficiency and many surprises. The restoration operations have returned to the city a real cultural cinematographic center, as well as a meeting place for new and consolidated generations of film buffs. The search for films will, as always, be very focused, to meet the "community of viewers" of cinema. There will be space, of course, for films in the original language (with subtitles), as well as for independent cinema.

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