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Bazzano (AQ)



Nursery school and Primary school





Fiat Partecipazioni S.p.a.



1.260 mq





Premio Active Architecture


Arketipo Magazine


Materia Magazine

Multi-functional centre for Childhood

In September 2011 the new multi-functional centre was inaugurated in Bazzano, L’Aquila, donated by the Fiat Group to the city, for the post earthquake reconstruction. The building is in the new housing block C.A.S.E., as the first public centre of the area. The project was developed by Studio AS on a concept elaborated by Fiat Partecipazioni. 

There are 5 parallelepipeds, simple and linear, opened to the valley thanks to full length windows. Created with the best technology by Sepam Society, so that the glass resists and is tempered for all seasons. The five pavilions host 2 nursery school classes and 3 classes for the elementary school, i.e. more or less 100 students. In the largest pavilion there is also a multi-functional space. The pavilions are connected between them by a very long corridor, with full length windows in contrast with the candor of the pavilion. The buildings, designed by Prof. Paolo Napoli of the Studio Sintecna, are entirely metallic, the structures were designed by Engineer Nicelli of the Studio Simtec. The interior design by the Ditta Ludovico. The covering has been made in grès tiles of 75x150cm, ACTIVE by Graniti Fiandre, which reduces the effects of pollution. The entire building has a surface of 1.350 mq with an outdoor area of 2.600 mq.

The building was realized by Zoppoli & Pulcher Costruzioni Generali S.p.a. of Turin.

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