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2014 - in progress









EuroMilano S.p.a.  



6.300 mq











Cascina Merlata

Cascina Merlata

The intervention was included in the plot R5/02 of the Masterplan developed by Paolo Caputo Partnerships and Antonio Citterio and partners, and presented as an Integrated Intervention to the City of Milan. The requalification of the area of Cascina Merlata covers an area of around 900 000 mq. The L-shaped building, covers the three plots of land of the plot R5/02 and the project was elaborated in collaboration with Studio AR+. With a variable amount of floors from 12 to 18, it is characterized by the white balconies in contrast with the darker shades of the building. The courtyard transformed into a landscape site will be crossed by paths that connect all the nearby buildings, characterized by slopes and steps.

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