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Alba (CN)



Co-generation Plant





Alba Power S.p.a.














Alba Power

Ph credits: studio as, Laura Cantarella.

Alba Power

Near the historical centre, this station, born to meet the new power demand of Alba’s area and the Ferrero S.p.A., was the object of a particular study that aimed to integrate the pre-existing buildings in the environmental context, these were mostly built with prefabricated structure in reinforced concrete. The inspiration came from the surrounding hills: the hills natural skyline recalls a curvy design of the structures that cover the entire industrial area. The choice of the materials aimed at building a shell that, according to where the sunlight comes from, becomes almost imperceptible. Three types of materials were used: nets, pierced slabs and climbing plants, held by reticulated beams of zinc-coated steel. To complete the work a very scenographic illumination was designed and created.

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