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Fencing club

"Villa Glicini" 








Functional restoration





Comune di Torino 


2.640 mq








The project regarded the conformation of the preexisting building to the right standards, the meeting halls, the gym, the dressing rooms and the recreation areas. The roof of the villa has also been restored, and a training gym was built in the attic. Amongst the most important intervention, the link between the basement and the first floor with a lift facing onto an ancient icehouse, where an iron staircase has also been built. In the basement, the area for trainings and competition has been entirely restored, (c.a. 1000mq) as well as the tribune has been reorganized, thus reaching 180 seats, and new dressing rooms for athletes have been built. (c.a. 250mq). 

Outdoors the public access areas have been renewed: the relaxing area, the football pitch and the new swimming pool, with its own dressing rooms.

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