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Torre Lesna

2016 - in progress



Grugliasco (TO)

lotto 2



Housing development





Torre Lesna S.r.l.



7.730 mq realised

6.300 mq currently in progress 







Torre Lesna S.r.l.

Rassegna stampa


The restoration and conversion of the Pininfarina industrial area in Torre Lesna in Grugliasco, after the success of the first phase realization, continues with the construction of two new buildings. In 2013, three buildings for residential use were finished, i.e. 87 flats on 7 730 mq and we are now realizing a 6 floor building of 2 560 mq and one facing the park of 3 400 mq. Once this second phase will be completed, where the old factory used to be, there will be 159 houses in energy class A, a park with a public playground of 16 000 mq, along with private gardens and large terraces. But the intervention is not yet completed and will continue with a further phase, so in the end, 24 000 mq complex for residential use with green spaces, and facing Mount Monviso.

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