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2012 - 2016






Restoration and conservative consolidation





Historical Investment Group S.r.l. 



2.250 mq






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Palazzo Lanza

Palazzo Lanza is a building of the late XVIII century in centre Turin, the restoration of which begun in 2012 when the Historical Investment Group S.r.l. bought this and the nearby buildings. The area where the buildings are must respect the environmental restrictions because of the nearby tree-lined Vittorio Emanuele II. Since the beginning the restoration strategy aimed at highlighting heterogeneity and the particularity of the single buildings and to re-qualify especially the garden, seen as the "trait d'union" of the several buildings. The statue of Perseus with the head of the Medusa was put back, while the looks and the floor of the courtyard have been the focus of a detailed project to highlight the artistic and cultural characteristics of the building. Particular attention was dedicated to the restoration of the existing decorations (mainly frescos on the vaults), they were partly already visible, and partly “discovered” during the works. The meticulous work of the restorers has lead to an excellent restoration. The covering was then totally restructured and was the object of a careful study at first and then a careful execution of the project. Superfetation was eliminated; pre-existing wooden skylights were restored (with special attention to the wooden pediment which were carefully restored) and differentiated by the skylights added in the central and side part of the courtyard’s covering.

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