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Residential Area





Europrogetti S.r.l.

Cinquecerchi S.p.a.



19.280 mq realized

16.430 mq designed








Cinquecerchi - Le Case nel Parco

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Spina 3
Le Case nel Parco

The housing project, presented by Cinquecerchi S.p.a., is situated in an area in the centre of great urban changes, on the route Spina 3 in Turin. In the premises of the Parco Dora, "Le Case nel Parco" is a complex of new residential buildings, well designed and built, and energetically efficient. The residential complex is articulated into two distinct buildings designed according to different needs: the first one is 13 floors, the second one has a C-shaped plant, 9 floors and encloses a green area. A wide garden surrounds the two buildings enhancing the quality of life. Great attention was given to energy saving and to the respect of the environment; houses are all in classes A and B. The house offering goes from 2 to 5 rooms up to the attics on two floors.

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