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Moncalieri (TO)



Office space in industrial area





Imperia & Monferrina S.p.a.



576 mq








Imperia & Monferrina


Two floors of office space were realized for the Imperia & Monferrina Company situated in the Montepo area in Moncalieri, where in 1999 a production plat was built for the same company. The new facility is independent from the other but connected to it with a low structure, which is both entrance and hall. The building has a traditional structure in reinforced concrete and floors with reinforced hollow block-work, curtain walls and insulation panels, the finishing outside is in pre-painted metal sheets with both insulation and aesthetic properties. The continuous windows follow the design of the industrial area. Inside, the two floors of open-space offices are connected by a steel, stone and glass staircase.

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