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Alba (CN)



Office building - Enlargement of the Ferrero Research Centre 





Ferrero S.p.a.



7.550 mq










Ferrero Office Building

Realization of an entire new building for offices, finishing off the old spinning mill “Pellisseri” transformed, in 2006, into the Ferrero New Research Centre. The project included offices, distributed onto four floors and an attic, where small and medium sized offices alternate with open spaces. The particularity of this plot, an area extended towards east and west, is that it had to require an architectural shape which fitted this area. The building is 105 meters long, and 20-22 meters wide, 16 meters high and the attic is 4 meters rearwards.

Characterized by the use of large full length windows, conformed to the most recent energy regulations. The building will be provided with a basement for technical rooms, the technological centre and a parking lot of 10.000 mq.

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