Trofarello (TO)



Functional upgrade and enlargement





Comune di Trofarello



3.280 mq










Elementary school 

G. Rodari

In 2010, Studio AS was hired by the Comune di Trofarello, to upgrade the pre-existing building of the elementary school to the new standards of window/floor surface ratio and realize an enlargement of the building. The new project included the progressive demolition of the building and the substitution of it with a new one of the same size, along with the addition of a new portion, in energy class A. The works were divided into three main executive plots in order not to move the student to another school.

The school complex covers totally 3 280 mq, 20 classrooms and computer labs, able to host up to 540 students. The demolition of the old school allowed to gain a surface of 2 220 mq which will be destined to play and sport activities.