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  • Born in Turin on 01.05.1957, residing in Moncalieri (TO),

  • Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1983;

  • Registered in the Register of Architects of the Province of Turin since 1985 with No. 2248;

  • He collaborates with Studio Friedes and Platti in Chicago (Ill. USA) from October 1983 to July 1984;

  • Since 1989 he has been working in partnership with the architects E. Astegiano and R. Conti with whom he joins the company and together open the STUDIOAS. Inside the studio he mainly specialized in residential and industrial building.

  • During the period of the Tremonti Law, he followed the development of Montepo for the study together with Giugiaro Architettura, creating industrial buildings for the most important automotive industries.

  • In 1998/99 member of the C.I.E. of the Municipality of Alpignano.

  • Develops and realizes two large production centers for Ferrero S.p.A. and for Bauli S.p.A. in Baramati in India

  • He is engaged in the field of volunteering, where, for some years, he has made his professional experience available.

  • For pleasure he dedicates himself with passion to drawing and above all to the technique of watercolor and from 2018 he holds training courses sponsored by the order of architects of Turin for "freehand drawing and use of watercolor".

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