2013 - in progress



Aulla (MC)





Elementary school

Secondary school






Regione Toscana 



4.250 mq currently in costruction

3.260 mq designed








New School District

After the atmospheric devastation occurred in October 2011 in the Provinces of La Spezia and Massa Carrara, the Regione Toscana conducted a tendering procedure for the construction of a school district in the ex railway area of the City of Aulla, which was assigned by the StudioAs. The intervention, divided in two plots, the first one for Day-care, for around 50 infants, a kindergarten hosting 3 classes of 30 children each, an elementary school for 280 students, a canteen built where the underground electric station was. In the second plot the Secondary school will be built.

Apart from the electric station, all the new buildings have a structure made of x-lam covered with external thermal insulation. The elementary school was connected to the canteen with a glass and wood lamellar structure. For the interior finishing natural, resistant and hygienic material were chosen, easy to clean and to keep up, with coloured decorations that create joyous and luminous spaces. The entire complex includes wide external spaces with areas for teaching and green spaces, along with a big terrace of around 180 mq.