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Refurbishment and conservative restoration, reconversion to University of Turin, Psychology Department, Language Department, Library, Administrational Offices





Z.P. Immobili e Territorio S.r.l.



8.000 mq



Palazzo Badini Confalonieri

The project for the restoration of Palazzo Badini Confalonieri, included one of the most important buildings of the third extension of the city. Built as a hotel, during the XVII century in was adapted to private home, then extended and remodeled the century after. Once bought by the University of Turin, it became the basis for the Language and Psychology Departments of University, along with the “Federico Kiesow” psychology library, and administrational offices. The delicate intervention had a surface of 8.000 mq, on 8 levels. Under the courtyard a parking garage was built, with 44 car parks on 5 levels, accessible from via Fratelli Vasco. 

The intervention aimed at restoring the pre-existing spaces, with great attention for the salvation and the improvement of the high-flown spaces of the ground floor and the noble floor. Particular cure also for the wood coffered ceilings and the frescos of the noble floor and up the stairs.

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